Over the past five years, I have worked tirelessly to defend British interests and deliver for the people of London. In tomorrow’s Local and European Elections, I firmly believe you should vote Conservative because:

  • Under the Conservative-led government we’re seeing a return to economic growth and a consistent fall in unemployment.
  • Conservative MEPs are committed to protecting Britain’s sovereignty and believe the EU works well when it respects national freedom and allows Member States to make decisions.
  • The Conservatives are the ONLY party that want to reform the UK’s relationship with the EU, blocking the EU once and for all from interfering in our home affairs and justice system.
  • The Conservatives are the ONLY party that will give you an in/out referendum on our EU membership in 2017.
  • Labour and the Lib Dems don’t want you to have a say, both parties are committed to ‘ever closer union’.

So on Thursday 22nd of May 2014, I urge you to go to your polling station and vote Conservative, we’re the only ones fighting for Britain!

Marina Yannakoudakis, YOUR Conservative MEP for London



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