Just hours after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was forced to hand in his resignation to Queen Beatrix, an MEP from Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) has been handing out party invitations around the European Parliament.

While most Dutch politicians were considering the future of their country’s economy as a bid to reduce the Netherlands’ budget deficit failed, Dutch MEP Toine Manders was getting ready to host an Ibiza-themed party in Brussels.

The party for MEPs’ assistants is held under the patronage of Mr. Manders and will feature one of his staff as a DJ. The party has a strict dress code of “Ibiza Chic”.

On receiving an invitation to the party Marina Yannakoudakis, Conservative MEP for London, said:

“I certainly have no objection to people letting their hair down now and again, but I would have thought that Dutch politicians would have more pressing issues to consider such as how to tackle the economic crisis.”

“A lack of agreement in the Netherlands on how to address government spending is threatening the recovery across Europe.”

“The UK chose not to sign up to the so-called fiscal compact. Now it seems that the Dutch have also decided that the treaty is flawed. While this may be reason to celebrate, I’m not convinced that it is an excuse to party.”

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