-The European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted today on a draft report on “Women and Climate Change”. An amendment to the committee’s opinion was tabled by Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans and Finnish Green MEP stating that “population growth has an impact on greenhouse gas emissions and highlights the need to adequately respond to any unmet contraceptive need of women and men in all societies”.

Marina Yannakoudakis, Conservative MEP for London responded to the amendment:

“As a member of both the environment and the women’s rights committee I have the unenviable task of suffering through twice the amount of ridiculous debate on this subject.

“Today the committee has recognised the important role that women play in recycling, it has agreed to establish gender-sensitive indicators on climate change - whatever they may be - and finally we have realised that we have been preventing the wrong kind of emissions altogether.

“To suggest that contraceptives are a proper response to greenhouse emissions is utterly ridiculous. The European Parliament is making a mockery of a serious environmental issue. It is also wasting its time and taxpayers’ money on futile irrelevancies which only serve to undermine further the public’s confidence in the institution.

“The second act of the farce continues tomorrow when the same report is debated in the Women’s Rights Committee. There I shall be attempting to throw out an amendment which calls for quotas for 40%+ women in climate change negotiating teams!”

Amendments to the report: http://bit.ly/wufjwh (Environment Committee) and http://bit.ly/z9Xvag (Women’s Rights Committee)