Brussels, 1st March 2011 –– Conservative Women’s Spokesman Marina Yannakoudakis MEPs has described today’s EU Court ruling on insurance premiums as ‘a setback for common sense’ and ‘a setback for women drivers’.

The European Court of Justice has upheld the opinion of its top adviser and said that singling out women for preferential treatment contravenes Article 8 of the EU Treaty. The ruling will see insurance premiums for female drivers under 26 rise by about 25 percent according to the Association of British Insurers.

Marina Yannakoudakis is the Conservative Spokesman for Women’s Rights in the European Parliament and said:
“This ruling is a major setback for women drivers. Statistically women are more careful drivers than men and this should be reflected in their insurance premiums.
This is evidence that once again the EU has gone too far and the so– called ‘equality agenda’ which should promote the rights of women, will penalise them.”