EU proposals for tackling gender stereotyping risk bringing the whole issue of women’s rights into disrepute, Conservative MEPs are warning.

The package of measures which are supposed to bring gender prejudice and discrimination to an end has been put together by a Dutch hard-left MEP, Kartika Liotard.

It includes a raft of proposals for EU and state interference in the advertising and media sectors, as well as in schools.

The report encourages Governments to implement “positive action” to put more women in management positions in the media. It also seeks to interfere with teacher training and the schools syllabus – even to dictate the content of school books.

It repeats calls for the European Commission to pursue binding targets for female memberships of national parliaments, local councils and within EU institutions.

Ominously Ms Liotard’s report, which was approved by a majority of MEPs today, also demands that the EU should promote a “European dimension” in education.

Marina Yannakoudakis, Conservative lead on women’s rights and gender equality in the European Parliament, said: “This would be a charter for ultra-feminist interference in the way countries choose to run their media and education systems.

“As such it would do women and women’s rights more harm than good.

“There is certainly work to be done on stereotyping, on women’s access to top jobs and government – on breaking down once and for all the idea that some jobs are for men and some for women. Sadly this report – with its Stalinist approach to state control of teaching and the media – is completely the wrong way to go about it. In fact it risks bring serious treatment of gender equality into disrepute.”