Member of the European Parliament for London, Marina Yannakoudakis, took part in this year’s fourteenth annual “Generations Walk”. The walk took place on Sunday 9 September around Hampstead Heath and raised money for Breast Cancer Campaign.

Marina got the walkers under starter’s orders alongside Generations Walk founder Cheryl Stakol, who created the walk after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Marina’s walk raised over £1,000, which this year will be used to fund research by Dr. Jeremy Blaydes into key molecules that prevent chemotherapy treatment working for some patients. Dr. Blaydes is also looking at ways to develop drugs to overcome this problem.

Marina said: “My focus areas in the European Parliament are health and women’s rights so it’s a great honour to be raising money for Breast Cancer Campaign. We need more research to beat this terrible disease and Dr. Blaydes’ studies will make it easier for patients to fight cancer. And what better way to raise money for such a great cause than walking around the oasis of calm that is Hampstead Heath?”

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