The UK Conservative delegation in the European Parliament has proposed a radical procedure to help protect Member State sovereignty.

The ‘red-card system’ hopes to give national parliaments the final say over many EU laws, allowing Member States to block laws if they feel that they are disproportionate or quite clearly beyond the remit of the EU.

It was also suggested in the package that thousands of small businesses should be exempt from damaging and unnecessary red tape.  The proposals also hope to ensure that any new laws coming from Brussels are relevant and practical to Member states.

It is expected that ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ will be the new mantra; with new EU laws only being introduced if it is clear existing legislation falls far short of the mark.

Commenting on the proposals, London MEP Marina Yannakoudakis said “It is about time the EU realised that it can’t keep introducing laws for the sake of it. Instead of throwing EU regulation at the people, we should be throwing it at the bonfire”.

“When people think of the EU, they instantly think of billion-euro spending splurges, reams of mind-numbing red tape and an army of unelected bureaucrats. The EU needs to change – it needs to be fit for service, fit for the people it is supposed to represent”.

With widespread apathy towards the EU and the far-detached nature of the European institutions all too apparent, it is hoped Conservative proposals will prioritise Member state parliaments and help reduce the democratic deficit.