London MEP Marina Yannakoudakis has today been named the new Vice-Chair of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance.

The London MEP takes over from Belgian deputy Frieda Brepoels who has left the European Parliament to become Mayor of Bilzen.

Marina sits on the European Parliament’s environment and public health committee and follows the European health portfolio for the Conservative Party. She has worked extensively on the subject of dementia including Alzheimer’s.

Marina said: I am delighted to take over as European Alzheimer’s Alliance Vice-Chair.

“We need more awareness of Alzheimer’s as well as ensuring quality care for those affected and adequately funded research into the causes of the disease.

“I hope that as Vice-Chair of the European Alzheimer’s Alliance that I can help to begin to achieve these goals.”

The European Alzheimer’s Alliance works to exchange best practice between EU member states in the care of Alzheimer sufferers as well co-ordinating transnational projects on the disease.