Men are naturally more corrupt than women and the EU should have control over who succeeds to the British throne. These were just two of the suggestions made by the European Parliament’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee when debating draft proposals on women in political decision making.

An amendment to the draft report tabled by a Basque Liberal MEP called for “constitutional changes, including succession provisions affecting constitutional monarchies” to ensure gender equality. The same MEP tabled an amendment on corruption which claims that “women have higher ethical behaviour standards and show themselves to be more concerned with the ‘common good’”.

A third amendment by a Dutch Green MEP called for “Member States to link party funding to the finalisation of lists based on parity between the sexes”.
Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP for London and Conservative Spokesman for Women’s rights criticised the report and its amendments:

“I have long campaigned against quotas for women, be it in the board room or in politics. Quotas are patronising both to women and to an electorate who has the right to select the best person for the job.”

“This report simply goes too far and for me to vote for some of these amendments would be tantamount to treason. The European Parliament has no business meddling with the order of succession to the British throne. We often talk about the EU interfering with Member States’ sovereignty, but this is the first time that I have actually witnessed the EU trying to interfere with a Member State’s Sovereign.”

“The suggestion that men are naturally more corrupt than women is defamatory at best and to tie the hands of political parties across Europe unless they ensure gender parity is totally undemocratic.”

Marina and other ECR Members of the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee voted against the three amendments above as well as the draft report as a whole. The proposal will be voted on in full parliament later in the year.

Draft report on Women in Political Decision Making:

Proposed Amendments: