In a speech to the European Parliament today, Conservative MEP for London Marina Yannakoudakis criticised calls for the EU flag to be worn of the uniforms of EU Member State athletes.

She also suggested that the EU should focus on growth and jobs rather than meddling in sport. The “European Dimension in Sport” report has been through a whopping seven European Parliament committees and has been a colossal waste of parliamentary time and money.

Marina said in her speech to the full parliament: “I wanted to talk to you about how excited my home constituency of London is to welcome the world’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes later this year.”

“But I can’t, because I must use this speech to denounce this report’s calls to fly the European flag at major sporting events and for the flag to be displayed on athletes’ clothing. I also must condemn proposals to waste money on a European Capital of Sport at this time of austerity.”

“If the EU is to start interfering in sport it must first learn the principle of fair play. Forcing the EU flag on citizens who do not want it is not playing the game, or as we would say in England, it simply isn’t cricket.”

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