London Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis today spoke out forcefully against stigmatisation of HIV and AIDS patients and called for improved measures across Europe to combat the disease.

Speaking on World Aids Day, Marina Yannakoudakis - Conservative spokesman on health in the European Parliament - led backing for fresh proposals to improve prevention of the disease, as well as for better testing, treatment, research and support.

She condemned all discrimination against patients with HIV/AIDS and said the myths and prejudices surrounding the disease had to be confronted through better information and education.

Mrs Yannakoudakis was the host on Wednesday evening of a Scientific Seminar on HIV/AIDS organised by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction and the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

She said: “On World Aids Day we remember with great sadness the many thousands of innocent lives claimed by this terrible, wasteful disease. Conservatives stand four square behind the drive to beat HIV/AIDS and to help those who live with it.

“Of course we offer our thoughts and prayers to all the people and families this disease has touched - but we must also all offer our commitment at every turn to combat HIV/AIDS and to improve the lives lived in its shadow.”

Video of Marina’s speech:

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