Marina Yannakoudakis, Conservative MEP for London, today visited William Davis Primary School in East London. Mrs. Yannakoudakis was accompanying EU Education Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou who was on a visit to London. Mrs. Yannakoudakis and Commissioner Vassiliou took part in a reading session with a group of children aged 6-10. The event was also attended by representatives of the Volunteer Reading Help (VRH), a charity which trains volunteer reading helpers for schools.

“Thirteen years of a Labour government have lead to a lack of focus on teaching the basics in schools. Reading has been neglected and London is facing a literacy crisis. In Tower Hamlets and ten other London boroughs one in three children is starting secondary school with a reading age of just seven.

“Encouraging children to read and to enjoy books is the best way to foster strong reading skills. While I firmly believe that education is a responsibility of the UK government and not the EU, I welcome Commissioner Vassiliou’s initiative ‘Europe Loves Reading’ and I hope that it will raise awareness of literacy in London as well as across the EU.

“We need to get London reading and organisations such as VRH are doing a great job in providing children with the gift of literacy. As the child of immigrants I had difficulty reading when I first went to school. I know how challenging reading can be, but I also know that when you have built your confidence what a rewarding experience reading is. In the end, I loved to read as a child and I certainly used to read regularly to my three children.” said Mrs. Yannakoudakis.

London MEP Jean Lambert also took part in the visit to the school.

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