As a member of the environment committee and European Friends of Israel, Marina hosted a public conference on the Dead Sea in the European Parliament.

The Dead Sea is rapidly shrinking, its coastlines are collapsing and its water is becoming too salty.

Marina welcomed to the European Parliament Mayor Dov Litvinoff, who is the Head of the Tamar Regional Council. Mayor Litvinoff  realised that the problems in the Dead Sea and the Jordan River were too big to tackle without international co-operation. He began workingcounterpart in Jordan in 2007. No Israel is co-operating with Jordan and the Palestinian Authority on the Two Seas Canal which will provide drinking water to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority by connecting Red Sea with the Dead Sea.

Marina said: “I do not believe that the European Union has the answer to most problems in my country, but I do believe that neighbours need to work together to protect the environment that they share.”

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