Marina Yannakoudakis was elected as a new Conservative MEP for London
in the early hours of Monday June 8th 2009.
She is one of three Conservative MEPs for London – she will join her
colleagues Charles Tannock and Syed Kamall in the European Parliament.
“I am delighted to have been elected a new Conservative member of the
European Parliament for London – a truly great world city.
“My thanks go to all those who have worked so hard to help me secure
this victory and who have given me so much support.
“These have been extraordinarily difficult times for all parties and I
am grateful and humbled that so many voters still felt able to put
their faith in me. I promise I will make sure taxpayers‘ money is
spent sensibly, I will fight to cut waste and red tape and will battle
for greater transparency and openness in the European Parliament. It‘s
time the gravy train was derailed.
“These elections were a chance for the British people to give their verdict
on their politicians. They have resoundingly voted for change
under David Cameron‘s Conservatives and have given the thumbs down to
Gordon Brown‘s discredited and rapidly disintegrating Labour government.
“The message from the people is spelt out loud and clear in bundles of foot-long
ballot papers. Mr Brown, have you got the message yet? Go now.
“It is clearly time for a General Election, a time for change. It‘s time too for the
people to have their say in a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.
“My work begins today: I will be a new and strong voice for Britain in
Europe and most of all for this magnificent and diverse metropolis of
Results of the European Elections in London Region:

Party Votes MEPs
Conservative 479,037 3
Labour 372,590 2
Liberal Democrats 240,156 1
Green Party 190,589 1
UK Independence Party 188,440 1
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