Conservative MEP for London Marina Yannakoudakis supported an e-cigs demonstration over the weekend outside BBC Broadcasting House.

The protest brought together members and supporters of the vaping community keen to ensure that e-cigs remain available to consumers on the open market. E-cigs are used by around 7 million citizens across the EU and are currently monitored by consumer protection regulations.

Under initial EU plans, e-cigs would have been reclassified as medicinal, placing them behind the pharmacy counter and in effect making them harder to obtain. Due to the efforts of Conservatives in the European Parliament, the existing consumer framework was protected, allowing the continued use of e-cigs by the general public.

Speaking on the issue, Marina said “We must be mindful that we act in a responsible manner and do not throw the baby out with the bath water. The legislation must be proportionate and we need extensive scientific research”.

The EU is currently trying to limit the amount of nicotine in e-cigs, which threatens to make them ineffective for users. E-cigs have proven one of the most effective ways of keeping ex-smokers from reverting back to smoking tobacco.