Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis today met with Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Public Health Jane Ellison MP to discuss the EU Tobacco Products Directive, in particular the regulation of electronic cigarettes.

Marina re-stated the European Parliament’s position on electronic cigarettes, where an amendment tabled by Conservative MEPs not to regulate e-cigarettes as medical devices was passed by a majority of MEPs in October.

The amendment restricts the sale of e-liquids with a nicotine content over 30 mg, and imposes a mandatory inclusion of health warnings as well as advertising restrictions, while stopping short of regulating e-cigarettes as medicinal product, which would lead to a rigorous and costly authorisation procedure.

The London MEP told Ms. Ellison that “We must make every effort to help people stop smoking. If light touch regulation for e-cigarettes means that more people can be helped to stop smoking more harmful tobacco, then I believe that the member states should endorse the parliament’s position.”

Jane Ellison MP said that “I am listening carefully to all the arguments. It was very helpful to hear from Marina about the European Parliament’s point of view. We are also considering carefully the positions of the other Member States on the appropriate regulation of these products.”

Discussing e-cigarettes with health minister Jane Ellison