At a fringe event today at the Conservative Party Conference, London Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis called for more support to allow working mothers and other women to start up or grow their small businesses.
At the event, which was organised by Conservative Women in Small Enterprises and the independent think tank Women On , Mrs. Yannakoudakis said:
”As a mother and a businesswoman, I know how daunting setting up a small business can be. Giving women fair access to start-up and expansion grants, while targeting women with the right information about how to launch a business can help produce a new generation of women entrepreneurs.“
A report on Women and SMEs drafted by Mrs. Yannakoudakis was recently adopted by the European Parliament. The report includes calls for seminars and training sessions to help women exploit the European Progress Microfinance Facility.
The event ”Women &amp Enterprise:A Multi-Billion Pound Opportunity“ was attended by the Home Secretary Theresa May as well as MPs Harriet Baldwin, Mary Macleod, Andrea Leadsom and Karen Lumley along with Marina`s fellow Conservative MEP, Vicky Ford.