In a vote in European Parliament committee today, Conservative MEP Marina
Yannakoudakis supported a report which aims to promote human rights for minority
groups. Mrs. Yannakoudakis showed her strong support for LGBT and women’s
rights and voted to stop violence against women.

Marina said; “I do not want to see any more powers being transferred from the
UK to Brussels however I will continue to stick up for all minority groups. I am
proud to do that on behalf of my constituents”

The report was originally authored by independent UK MEP Nicole Sinclaire. Ms.
Sinclaire divorced herself from the report after a number of amendments, including
some on LGBT and women`s rights, were added to the report. Ms. Sinclaire no longer
believes that the report reflects her views.

The report on fundamental rights also focuses on child protection and protection
measures for victims of violence. The report is expected to be voted on by the full
European Parliament in October or November. Conservative MEPs will vote for
the principles of equality and anti-discrimination, but will resist all references to
extension of the scope of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

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