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The saga of the delayed appointment to the European Central Bank executive board drags on as Spain has blocked the appointment of Luxembourg Central banker Yves Mersch via a fast-track “written procedure”.

Conservative spokesman for Women’s Rights in the European Parliament Marina Yannakoudakis MEP has condemned the way EU politicians are playing gender politics with […]

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MEPs’ decision to overturn the recommendation of Yves Mersch to the executive board of the European Central Bank was condemned by London Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis.

The position has been vacant since José Manuel González-Páramo stepped down in May and a successor is urgently needed to help solve the eurozone sovereign-debt crisis.

Liberal Democrat MEP […]

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“We all know there is great concern about the financial system after the banking crisis. But this recession has put enough pressure on the City’s institutions, we don’t need more directives to add further pressure. The strength of our financial institutions help the UK keep its independence and stay Euro free.”

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