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In a landmark vote, the European Parliament today took a major step towards scrapping the notorious Strasbourg Travelling Circus.

A plenary session of the parliament approved by 483 votes to 141 a report setting out a roadmap for reform, jointly authored by Conservative MEP Ashley Fox.

In her speech in the debate on a single […]

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An answer to a detailed question put forward by Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis revealed the massive cost of chauffeuring EU diplomats posted abroad.

In her answer to Mrs. Yannakoudakis’ question, EU foreign affairs supremo Baroness Ashton, herself paid over £250,000 a year, revealed that one of the European External Action Service’s drivers was paid €6,050 […]

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The European Commission’s Visitor Centre in Brussels has 30,000 fewer visitors a year than the Keswick Pencil Museum in spite of being free and having recently benefitted from a €1 million (£853,000) upgrade.

In its response to a written question by […]

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A travelling public exhibition on the European Space Programme cost taxpayers a stratospheric £1.12 million with a paucity of visitors meaning each person who attended was subsidised to the tune of nearly £14 each.

In a written answer to a question submitted […]

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Local Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis welcomed the outcome of today’s EU Summit in Brussels which will, for the first time ever, see the EU budget cut.

 The £29 billion (€34 billion) cut will mean that the European Union will be forced, like national and local governments, to reduce its spending at a time […]

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In today’s crucial vote on the reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), London’s Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis voted for the package of measures which will put an end to the practice of dumping fish in the sea if fishermen catch more than their quota.

Mrs. Yannakoudakis also voted against the European […]

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In an answer to an official question put forward by Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis, the European Personnel Selection Office defended itself in the face of a report by EU rules watchdog, the European Ombudsman, which found that  it was the least compliant EU institution.

A Conservative MEP today led calls for underperforming European Union agencies to face the axe as costs for the EU quangocracy rise to over €3.3 billion (£2.8 bn) a year.

Marina Yannakoudakis MEP led calls in the European Parliament’s Women’s Rights Committee, where she is Conservative spokesman, not to approve the budget of […]

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Conservative Spokesman on Women’s Rights in the European Parliament Marina Yannakoudakis MEP condemned proposals adopted yesterday by the European Parliament’s gender equality committee as “politically correct nonsense.”

The EU proposals which were tabled by a far left Dutch MEP called for educational programmes and study materials […]

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The European Parliament’s Women’s Rights Committee today voted on its opinion the EU’s 2013 draft budget. As part of the budgetary scrutiny procedure, Conservative MEP for London Marina Yannakoudakis submitted amendments which would remove all funding for the European Institute for Gender Equality.

The EU funding allocation to the European Institute of Gender Equality was […]

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