The Greek Health Minister, Spyridon-Adonis Georgiadis, took part in an exchange of views in the European parliament on Wednesday. Attending the Environment, Public Health & Food Safety committee (ENVI), the Minister announced his priorities for the Greek presidency of the EU.

He stated that ‘good health was a prerequisite for economic growth’. He also touched on the effects of migration on public health and financial constraints for healthcare systems.

He ended by saying that Greece will put special focus on ehealth and innovation in an attempt to improve efficiency and sustainability in the health sector. 

London MEP, Marina Yannakoudakis posed questions to the Minister, asking for his views on immigration in Greece, what he was doing to alleviate the ‘brain drain’ and the suffering of Greeks. Many professionals in Greece have moved to other European states in the hope of securing a better living. Greece also has a substantial immigration problem.

Commenting after the debate, she said “Greece needs to deal with immigration. Many use Greece as a gateway to Schengen and immigration has now become the main source of population growth in Greece. The influx of people has put untold pressure on the Greek state.”

During the debate Marina emphasised that Greeks had suffered, but also that they were suffering.

“Greece has struggled over the past six years, balancing the demands of the EU troika and of the Greek people. Greeks are still suffering; the economy is improving but it is still fragile. Brussels should now back off and let Greece take the road to recovery- greater autonomy will benefit the Greek people, they have endured enough”.



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