Brussels, 1st March 2011 –– Conservative Women’s Spokesman Marina Yannakoudakis MEP has welcomed EU Commissioner Reding’s self– regulatory initiative to get more women into top positions in boardrooms across the UK. The “Women on the Board for Europe” Pledge was set out today by the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights. Commissioner Reding said that she was keen to give self– regulation a chance and has encouraged businesses across Europe to increase the number of senior women in companies.

Marina Yannakoudakis is the Conservative Spokesman for Women’s Rights in the European Parliament and today said:

“I believe that the best person should get the job and that appointments should not be made on the basis of gender. I welcome this voluntary business pledge and recognise the vast benefits that women bring to business but I am cautious about where the Commission will stop. Imposed quotas do not advance gender equality. Let’s not patronise women. Let’s make sure that women are getting the top job because they are excellent at what they do, not because they fulfil a quota.”