You should vote in these European Elections because we are at a critical juncture in our relationship with the EU. With some calling for ever closer union, others are rightfully hesitant and wary of a federation. The Conservatives are the only party seeking to reform the EU and give you the chance to have your say on our relationship with the EU. David Cameron is committed to fighting for a better deal—a deal that puts your interests first and ensures the United Kingdom gets the most out of its relationship with its European neighbours.

While some in the EU are committed to forming a United States of Europe, with a one size fits all approach to government and society, the Conservatives along with their European allies, have proposed a new path—a path of reform and greater freedom. It seeks to radically overhaul the EU by giving a stronger voice to nation states and promoting individual freedom and aspiration. The EU works best when states get together and cooperate on issues out of their own choosing and desire—supranational regulations and slap-dash directives impose burdens and create nothing but widespread apathy. What’s the point in having an EU if it simply ignores the will of member state citizens and steams ahead unchecked? If we continue down this path we risk eroding the very democratic foundation of Europe. The Conservatives however are fighting for a real alternative.

Our MEPs work tirelessly to block restrictive regulations or careless spending —from female boardroom quotas and maternity directives to the financial transaction tax and Common agricultural policy we run a tight ship and fight for a cost-effective EU. We don’t always win the fights but through David Cameron’s renegotiation strategy we will defend our interests and ensure our society no longer has to put up with ill-thought through and disproportionate legislation.

In 2017, if we have a Conservative majority government, you WILL have a referendum—you will be able to decide on whether we stay in the EU or withdraw. We are the only party putting you at the forefront of national decision-making; we believe that in a democracy the electorate knows best! Labour and the Lib Dems won’t give you a say on the EU and Ukip simply can’t. Your Conservative MEPs are the only MEPs sticking up for you. So on Thursday the 22nd of May I urge you to go to your local polling station and vote for the Conservative party.




Published and promoted by Marina Yannakoudakis